New website, new products, new challenges

Do you have a scheduled time to sit and reflect on the day (or week) that's passed? In many ways, this blog serves as my workjournal. I typically start writing on a Sunday or Monday - it allows me some time to reflect on the week past and the one coming up in a deeper, more contemplative way than just writing my tasks down in my planner.

This past week I have focused on a few important projects, one of which was working on a linocut (I hope to get printing later this week). I should try to get some process pictures in the beautiful open studio space while I'm there.

clean and crisp!

The other significant happening last week was working on getting my new website up and running! I was encountering a host of complications on the platform I used for my previous site. It was so frustrating and time consuming to be obsessively trying to get the site to work a certain way and having wayyy too many options for templates and plugins. :| That, and other such woes, led to too many hours misspent editing a website. Instead of, you know, creating! 

So when a genius friend suggested I check out square space, I jumped at the chance to find a better way....and I did, I did! Setting this site up has been pretty much painless, and their helpandsupport functions are amazing.

And now this week has started off strong! The new site is live- please go through it and feel free to send me feedback! I'd love to hear ways I can improve it. This is going to be a fluid process, I'm sure. haha!

polaroid from my interview. happy face!

Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Dani from Dani Press for a coffee and chat recently. She's just as amazing and inspiring in person as she is through her words. My interview with her (10 with a 10) is up on her blog

For the rest of the week, I'm going to be focusing on getting some products printed for the ooak show, and working on some wedding invites and custom orders. Speaking of the show, I've updated my Artisan profile on the site, so you can check that out--- wow, it makes it feel so real!! So SCARYANDEXCITING!! ALSO, if you would like to visit the show this year, it runs from March 23-27. You can purchase tickets HERE for a discounted price of $12 (that's a dollar off the online price and three bucks off purchasing at the door!). Feel free to share this link with your family and friends!

I'm participating in another social media challenge during the month of February, with the T.E.S.T team (Toronto Etsy Street Team), to reveal some behind the scenes shots of my work and talk more about what my business is all about. You can follow along on my instagram, the hashtag is #WeBeTEST.

Thanks all for checking into my workjournal this week, I hope you have a happy one!