Two more sleeps!

Preparing for a show is almost as crazy as wedding prep! There are so many details to think about, and it's difficult to determine how much to reveal before the big event :) I won't allow myself to even bother going down the road of questions and expectations for what this event means to my business!! See, so many parallels!

Recent custom quote I did that is all too relevant to my apartment and eating habits right now!

So it's one more sleep until setup day at OOAK, and two more until the start of the show. I can't even begin to list the things I've been working on- from fulfilling last minute custom calligraphy orders to packaging, stamping, painting...with intermittent breaks of shoving chips and toblerone down my throat (I'm stress eating big time guys!!). And slowly April is creeping up on us, and my calendar and tasks are already piling on for after the show- it's a scary thought! I gotta move that to the back burner for now!

A couple of big updates! My website is updated with a couple of new products in art prints and greeting cards. You can find them and somanymore products for sale on my Etsy shop. Also, I've started selling my products on a second online marketplace- the One of a Kind Online shop! It is a great shop that features many artisans that take part in the show. Please check out my shop, it has most of the current products I'm selling at the show. 

Ofcourse if you want to save on some shipping, you can come visit me in the show!! It's running from March 23 -27 10am-9pm everyday except Thursday (until 11pm!) and Sunday (until 6pm).

I hope to see you there! So excited!!! I will try to post happenings on my Instagram account, so if you're not following me yet, do it! :)