An Adventure in India

It has been an eventful week! A lot of last minute orders and projects to wrap up, packing, some white lies, two long flights (and one short one), to end up at my parents' doorstep to surprise my family with a month long visit! It's been a lovely couple days spending time with my family and taking some time off! Here are a few pictures of the beautiful art we appreciated as we walked through the airport at BOM.


I'm still working part time, on a couple of projects coming up. Also, there are a few exciting ideas I've been having that I'm looking forward to give some time and space to. I also want to try and finally participate on some of those skillshare courses I have been enrolling in! And practice some spencerian!

There's a note up my Etsy and OOAK online shop that I will be on vacation until June 3rd, but am totally available on email and have been accepting custom orders and commissions for after this date. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Custom Cards commissioned for a travelling couple, and feeling its many meanings these days! :)

I've got many plans to soak in the sights, sounds, foods and heat on this trip, and will be posting my adventures on social media if you want to follow along! 

Have a wonderful week!