An update from an especially messy desk!


It's the last week of January, and it seems that life is finally settling down after the post holiday meetings, the seemingly endless calendarizing of projects, and the winter cleaning (I don't know why "spring cleaning" gets all the attention- winter cleaning is after christmas cleanup!!)

It's been a good and productive week, I'm close to getting my new website up and running (YEAH!) and am hunkering down at my desk with some linocut prints I've started. I'm excited to reveal some pictures soon! I've got some new cards designed and hope to get them screenprinted in the next week. They will be sold starting in March at the one of a kind show! Besides the cards and prints, I'm going to be doing a bunch of hand calligraphed quotes/words for the show, in different styles and colours (yes, there will be gold!!) If there are any specific words or quotes you think just NEEDS to be part of my offerings, please drop me a line! I'm currently thinking of doing a variety of things: from simple little words like 'hello' (like at the top of this post) to uplifting sayings or quotes.

Oh, and lastly, I'm continuing my videos of handlettering the alphabet on instagram. I've seen a splurge in followers and likes over the past 24 hours (I've feel like I've gone viral!), and I'm pretty sure that it's primarily due to #the6ix. Thanks, Drake!

Thanks for all the likes and follows, I appreciate that people are choosing to have my stuff in their feed.

Hope the rest of your week is warm, productive, and happy.

xx Pri