OOAK Show - less than 10 days away!

We started daylight savings time this past weekend here on the east coast of Canada- did it mess up anyone else's day yesterday?? The day felt soshort, and I had that weird lethargic, jet lagged feeling. Even though it was just a one hour change!

In truth, it's hard to distinguish the reasoning behind the tiredness- the time change or the fact that I haven't been getting much sleep... it's less than 10 days until the One of a Kind Show!! I've gone onandon about it through the blog and social media- it's a reflection of my state of mind these days. :) If you don't know it yet, my booth number is P48R (it even has my initials, see? so easy to remember) and I'm in the Etsy Section. Come visit me March 23-27!!

I've been working on getting all my new products up on my Etsy shop, and will also have it up on the One of a Kind Online shop in the next few days. It's exciting to see it (slowly) all come together! I'm crossing my fingers that the next week goes relatively smoothly...

This week includes a lot of painting, printing, writing, cutting, and packaging - happening alldayeveryday - prepping for a show is insane! I'm also working on my company sign for the show (ofcourse I'm also doing this by hand!!)- it's interesting figuring out how to work on such a big scale! Here are a couple of pictures of random happenings in my studio (and in the whole apartment) over the past week:

Have a wonderful week ahead- lots of rain out there which means spring! spring is around the corner! Also, sorry for the lack of in-depth musings on my business in recent posts. I know, it feels a little surface. I haven't been doing much soul searching lately, just trying to keep my head above water here. :) I promise a lot more wonderings, questioning, and realizations after the show.