Searching for Inspiration


This week has been all about managing a workload that seems to require completely different approaches/mindsets: building up my product offerings for the OOAK show, and working through many custom orders and projects. It's been a pretty varied schedule and I've mostly found it fun to move from one project to the next.

I did hit a snag in my process recently. I was working on a linocut design that I initially felt good about, but as I went through the stages of conceptualizing it and then drafting it, I realized it wasn't working out as I planned, and frankly, I was losing excitement for the piece. And although I'm happy I went through the process, (and that I actually did some drafts and due diligence before actually printing!), I felt pretty crappy about getting started again on a potentially totally new idea. Like I was going back to the drawing board, and didn't know where to (re)start.

Although feeling-lost-when-looking-at-a-blank-slate is all too familiar a feeling (even in my old life where finding a new approach or way of analysing a project sometimes left me in a similar slump) working in a creative business has been more polarizing. The highs have been higher (when I can't believe I thought of something so good, or it turned out wayyy better than I anticipated), and the lows, you guessed it, lower.

So instead of wallowing (who has time for that, really!!), I decided to make it the subject of this week's blog post and do some research to get some perspective and insight on theslump and hopefully figure out how to get myself reinspired. I found a couple of interesting articles on that I thought would be good to share.

Ways to create meaningful work. I've talked about this in a previous post, but there are some helpful reminders in here about taking it one step at a time and remembering that we're not doing this for any particular end goal- it's the journey!

Design Inspiration Workflows- If you're feeling stumped about your process- what do you do first? Consult? Look for inspiration? Sketch? - here are some cool pictorals of different creative processes.

Realize there is no one way to reach your goals. This article was reassuring in that there seems to be no one method of getting inspired, so try different things, and find what works for you!

In the end, it's really about not over thinking, just starting, and showing up to work everyday. So that's what I'm going to do!

Have a lovely productive week! Stay warm!



ps. the picture at the top of this post is from a custom quote I completed last week. The celtic knot is gilded! Also if you would like to check out some instagram videos I have recently been posting of the alphabet, check it out here!