ooak Show- planning & printing

(The title should read at the end..."and having minor freak outs") ha!

As I've mentioned in past posts, I'm going to be a new exhibitor at the One of a Kind Spring Show on March 23-27.  So far, this month has been filled with planning and creating products for the show. The past week alone has involved working on a couple more designs for new linocut art prints. Additionally, I've finalized the designs to a set of 7 screenprinted cards that features some of my calligraphy. I'm conceptualizing  one more card set, but I'm not 100% sure about it. I think I need to adopt the 'fail fast' strategy- try it out as soon as possible and if it's a terrible idea I'll have more time to figure out an alternative!

The One of a Kind organization has many great resources to help plan for the show. They have an online guide for artisans with access to a whole lot of information: tips, packing lists, faqs, new exhibitor information. It was really awesome to see all this information in one spot and ofcourse I couldn't help but also be overwhelmed! It was exciting to have lists to narrow my focus, but it also showed me how much planning I still need to do.

One of the toughest things I need to figure out (and I think the number one question for all new exhibitors like myself!!) is the level of inventory for the show. There are an estimated 6000 people (!!!!) walking through the venue over the 5 days of the show. I will have to somehow gauge the number of cards and prints I will sell. My art prints will be printed in limited editions, so once they are sold out, they are sold out.... ahh this seems like an impossible thing to forecast.

Speaking of prints, I would like to share a little bit about the ones I'm currently working on. I'm pretty excited about it! I've always been drawn to patterns and interesting designs, and often tend to take pictures of beautiful buildings and intricate carved designs. I am striving to create a series of prints that allow people to reflect on a simple design, a simple idea. I think there's a lot of power in stopping and appreciating the intricate work that goes into a lot of beautiful architecture that we would otherwise only glance at or altogether overlook. The particular series also focuses on designs found in different religious houses to showcase the varied styles but also highlight the exact same desire in all religions to create beautiful places for people to congregate, reflect and pray. Different, yet the same.

Take a look at a part of the relief printing process in the images below and a little video I uploaded to instagram


This week I continue to carve, print, plan (and get some wedding calligraphy in too).  As you're working through this week, I recommend this great post on medium, which insists on letting things (ourselves) be and not forcing productivity/success/happiness. It's a wonderful thought to keep with me as I strive to createcreatecreate everyday. I feel pretty good these days, inspired and productive. I've got to keep the pressure and perceived lack of time at bay, and just be.

Hope you will find yourselves present all week. :)