New products, new anxieties, new perspectives...

I was out camping last week, leaving my phone and civilization behind for the beauty and quiet of Algonquin Park. Ah, it was lovely (save for all those $%&@ mosquito bites that I still have remnants of). 

Photo courtesy of Stavros Tsimiklis

Ofcourse, once I got back, a wave of anxiety hit me as I saw the emails in my inbox and the tasks on my to do list pile up! But mid this week, I had a bit of a (re-) realization. Here in North America it seems we strive to produceproduceproduce and always need to appear busy. If we aren't racing against the clock, there's this assumption that we're slacking, taking time off. And it seems a verybad thing to do- everyone else is working so much harder, it must be nice that I can 'afford' to take some time off, right? And how can I grow my business if I'm not working twentyfourseven? 

One of the reasons I wanted to try a new path was to be able to be the sole manager of my time- if I wanted to take time off, I would, because I would know I needed it. But in the midst of it all (busy projects, upcoming shows, getting intimidated by 'successful' instagram accounts), I keep getting lost in the swirl of it all, feeling and responding to the pressures of what I think I 'should' be doing.

You don't have to be 'on' all the time. Turn off your phone. Watch a movie. I'm telling myself that a lot more these days. Yes I am busy, as is everyone else. But the busy-ness will include a decent amount of sleep, cooking, tidying, reading and thinking. I don't care if anyone judges this as slacking (is what I will remind myself overandover). Deep down I know it's not, and that's what matters. The more I let myself be, the more I will Be.

What's on this week: Calligraphy, lots of calligraphy. Also, I've added new listings to my Etsy shop- a couple of digital invitations for weddings and baptism (sort of random occassion I know...there was a reason behind it!). They are customizable and the calligraphy is all personalized. Faster turnaround, cheaper, and easy- yay!! I have more designs in the pipeline but just rolling them out as they are ready. Hope you like them, and any feedback is appreciated!!

I started a new collab with my friend and photography genius Pep Phaxay on Instagram to share her gorgeous pictures with my calligraphy of thoughtful quotes on Mondays. Exciting!!


I'm starting to prep for the Etsy Made in Canada event on September 24th. Late start, but hey, I'm not going to hold that against myself!! I'm excited for the show and to be among some amazing vendors!! It's going to be a great day, and it's FREE to attend, so please stop by, I would love to see you!

Have a happy week.