Reflecting on busy days

Seen on the streets of Mumbai

My blog posts seem to be happening bi-weekly recently as I find myself losing track of time and forgetting to talk about the things I'm working on! It's an interesting dilemma- on the one hand, it's kind of great to lose yourself in a project and not worry about taking pictures, but on the other hand, communicating with blog readers and instagram followers allows me to step back from my work and contemplate about it.

I usually write my blog posts in about 15-20 minutes, and I start with a blank page, no title. If I try to address a particular topic, I tend to take muchlonger to write out the post. The thoughts don't flow as freely, I feel more pressure to be concise and not ramble. When I start to instead write about my week and the thoughts that have sitting in my mind, waiting to be addressed, it seems to flow out of me so easily. I had made a commitment to write a post every week, because when I do, I feel lighter and a little more organized in my thoughts, if that makes any sense! Not keeping up with this commitment is reflective of my state of mind these days- a little more frazzled and a lot less reflective.

I wonder how others organize their thoughts. Journalling is always an option- and there are so many creative ways to do it. I love seeing the inspiration on instagram where some artists journal by drawing out their days: practice AND reflection! I would LOVE to do this, but cannot seem to dedicate enough time to commit. I made an attempt of my day yesterday. Except it wasn't in a journal, and only done in pencil. I wanna watercolour this stuff! Oh well, I tried.

In other news, I wanted to share some very exciting news at Paper Trails Design Co! I'm going to be participating in the One Of A Kind Christmas Show from Nov 29- Dec 6!! I am so excited and can't wait to get to creating new products and designing my booth. (Ohsonervous too!!) AND I will be in the Etsy Made in Canada event for the first time - if you haven't heard of the event, it's a very fun one day marketplace on September 24th. It happens all over Canada on the same day! In Toronto, the event is held in the Mars building on College Street. I hope you can make it!

As the summer is zooming past, we must try to pause and reflect, because it makes every experience all the more wholesome. I'm going to try it this week (baby steps)- will you?