New year, new projects, new process!


2016! With the holidays done (hope it was cozy and relaxing for you all!), we're all settling down into this new year. I've been spending lots of time in my studio this week, and have allotted time slots in my calendar for different projects and tasks everyday. It's a more rigid schedule than I'm used to, (and I'm already completely off schedule!), but it's an attempt to manage working through simultaneous commitments. It's a work in progress!

One of the intentions behind this new time management approach is to try to stay present, not get lost in the worries about the 'whatifs'. I stumbled on this cool site that allows you to send an email to your future self...have you seen it? I was contemplating what I would possibly write to my future self. This year is going to be a really interesting one, with lots of unchartered waters; I feel I will be so much more experienced and wiser in the future than right now! I guess the only thing I would say to my future self would be what I would say to my current self. Be present, and stay happy.

This week I've been working on lotsofstuff! I've started working on a couple of weddings, and am enjoying this stage of creativity (although it's sometimes terrifying-- staring at a blank page? eek!). I'm also creating new cards, prints (and more!) for the One of a Kind show in March- lots of exciting stuff happening in my little home studio right now!

Christmas Mail 2015
Christmas Mail 2015

I've received the best mail this Christmas- so many beautiful cards and envelopes graced my mailbox- it was such a treat! Here's a picture of just a fraction of the pretty envelopes. Such talent! Thank you for all the holiday messages!!

Hope you are all having a great start to the year!