Creating and happiness

As the past week flew by with calligraphy and design projects, I have also tried to carve out time to try and expand my online shop into some brick and mortar stores. This has resulted in writing out a couple of mini biographies for these locations, and while my head was buried in a thesaurus trying to figure out how to say what my company stands for in 10wordsorless, I started to think about why I started this business in the first place.

I've mentioned many times that it originated from needing a break from my finance career. But what kind of break did I need? It definitely wasn't a spa vacation. I needed to jump into something else that made me happy. When I started practising my calligraphy hobby again, I realised I was happy. And when I discovered printmaking, it was like a whole new world opened up to me, with so many possibilities. But why these two art forms? Both of these skills require working with my hands.... many hours of practicing, carving, drawing. Building muscle memory. Learning to see forms before they appear on paper/block. Strategizing.

Process is important for happiness. This article (although a bit dated) shares an insightful view into the link between creativity and happiness. "There is value in the routine action, the mind rest, and the purposeful creative, domestic or practical endeavor." It made me realize that this is what calligraphy gives me. I can get lost in practice, only stirred by my wrist's silent throb when I've carried on for too long.

When I've talked to a lot of people about printmaking, many eyes have lit up saying, 'hey I attempted that in high school!' It made me think about how many things we do as kids, how many fun, creative, uninhibited things that just fall to the wayside as we grow up and 'get too old for it'. As this other article explains, as a kid we have "complete permission to explore, experiment, and express. There’s no sense of censorship or fear of judgment…But, as we get older, we tend to go to that place less and less. We leave our artist maker side behind. And, in doing so, leave a part of us behind as well."

Now that I've caught the 'workingwithyourhands' bug with calligraphy and printmaking, I feel the urge to learn somuchmore... I'm aching to start piano lessons (we have been listening to concertos at the TSO), and I am almost 99.9% sure I want to do this... who's with me!?

Have a happy week, and try working with your hands sometime this week- whether it be doodling, cooking, origami or picking up that guitar that's been lying around. It'll be great, I promise!!