Disconnecting- bad for business?


This past week has been an interesting one.... I've been pretty good about keeping up with my new process of scheduling my time to work on numerous projects at once. Yay for that! I also decided this week to tack on an Instagram challenge of posting a letter of the alphabet everyday. I received a big response (by my standards!) to my posts, which was so fun to see!

But it also resulted in me checking my Instagram account ALLTHETIME to see how many new likes, followers and comments I received. This happened mostly over the weekend, so didn't seem to be too much of a hinderance on my time, but now that I've entered into the 'work week' (if there is such a thing..hehe), it's getting to be something I need to be very careful about.

I say this for two reasons.... the obvious one is the drain on time, an unproductive drain at that! The second, and potentially more damaging, is the cultivation of a false sense of success. The number of likescommentsandfollowers doesn't directly translate to money in my bank account and isn't necessarily a good indicator of how well my business is doing. It IS marketing, and getting my name out there, but I really need to watch how much time I spend on it. Time spent on social media is time away from creating new cards, new prints, and working on a lot of important updates to my website-- all of which is probably more relevant and beneficial! Alas, they just don't have that instant gratification that instagram is currently providing me. Ugh, gross!

So while I reallyREALLY appreciate all thelikescommentsandfollowers (and keep them coming, please!), I'm going to try to limit my check ins with social media, and resume disconnecting from the online world once in a while... because in the long run, I think it's going to be better for business and you know, my soul. :)

This week is all about new wedding ideas, etsy orders (I'm doing a gilded design!!), and envelope calligraphy. Here are a couple of envelopes I've finished up and getting ready for a product photo shoot for my online portfolio.


Have a great week all- stay warm!