New adventures

I've had to change my frame of mind from the previous few weeks- from focusing on one major project (the ooak show) to the multitude of little (and big) projects that require somuch planning, prioritizing, communicating..... I was initially very overwhelmed with it all. A week in, I ended up taking the weekend (mostly) off, did some couch lazying, movie watching, and have been catching up with friends. It was a much needed and desired mental break! 

It's a little frustrating to think I have to take intentional 'breaks' from work that I enjoy 95% of the time. I don't really mind working all the time, because the work is exciting and fun, but it can get obsessive. I guess when you get too consumed with something it's hard to step back and view it in a different light. Deadlines and fear of failure creep up and somehow won't leave until you shake it off with an intentional break. The need to reset seems essential, but how I would love to get to a place where I can stay present allthetime, with no need to reset!!!

I've previously talked about my issues with balancing on and off time with work. "Sleep is a feminist issue, enough sleep is an affront to capitalism" - this rang pretty true to my life these days/months. Feeling that I want/need to prove (to others?to myself?) this new career of mine. Taking breaks feels like I'm not committed enough...but what's enough commitment? I've been trying to practice working smarter rather than working allthetime, and that probably involves taking the occasional step back, having more conversations about my business with others, meeting people- the ideas and opportunites will grow from there, right?

One of a Kind Online Shop April feature!

One of a Kind Online Shop April feature!

The show gave me a bit of a confidence boost about my products, receiving good feedback from customers, other exhibitors and new potential stockists. This week I've put my products up on Etsy Wholesale, and the process was somucheasier than I had originally thought! Contact me if you would like to see the linesheet of my products (you don't need to have an Etsy account to view it!)  My products are also available for sale at the oneofakindshowonline shop, and my 'hello' card was featured for the month of April! 

I also attended a styled shoot for which I provided calligraphy pieces, and it was so fantastic to see it all come together and meet amazing vendors.  I've also recently decided to stop offering wedding invitation design services for the rest of the year, and instead have been working on a couple of invitation templates I will offer with custom calligraphy. I'm finding creative ways to attempt to turn this business into a full time career!!

Have a wonderful week! Stay warm!