Feb 23- Introduction to Contemporary Calligraphy

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Feb 23- Introduction to Contemporary Calligraphy


Join us for a fun evening learning calligraphy! This class is intended for beginners with little to no experience in calligraphy. You will learn the techniques of traditional copperplate calligraphy adopted into a contemporary, fun style.

What is 'contemporary' calligraphy?

Contemporary calligraphy is the fusion of traditional copperplate calligraphy and modern calligraphy. In my own calligraphy journey, I first attempted modern calligraphy with a pointed pen and found it difficult to keep my style consistent. I found that learning the rules and techniques in traditional copperplate, while also being a wonderfully meditative practice, provides a great foundation for when you break all the rules and create your own contemporary style!


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Workshop Details

This workshop will focus on the basics: using a calligraphy pen and nibs, learning basic strokes, and the lowercase alphabet (you will also be provided with additional handouts of the uppercase letters). The class size is between 10-12 students so there will be a lot of time for individual instruction.

A starter kit is included in this workshop that will have all the tools you need to keep practicing at home. I'm providing my favourite writing supplies in this kit including extra nibs, writing pad and lots of practice handouts and resources.

Light refreshments (there will be wine!) and snacks will be provided.