Etsy MIC Show recap

I participated in the Etsy Made in Canada show this past weekend, and it was such a fun experience to be on the vendor end of this fantastic show! A great buzz, lots of excitement for local products, and I got the opportunity to connect (even though I didn't get to shop) with so many inspiring makers.

Some of the challenges I had preparing for this show was determining the inventory (a super busy one day show!), figuring out my new products, and finding a way to display it all on a tabletop! I'm starting to run out of space guys! Tooo much stuff. I ended up displaying my cards in the same little Ikea baskets (spray painted planters!) I used at the One of a Kind Spring show, but hung them off the shutters this time since there were somanycards. I used a vintage wooden box for my prints, and displayed the calligraphy quotes on Ikea frame stands (also spray painted bronze). It was a little busy, but it worked okay and I didn't have to spend on anything extra (which was part of the goal!)

Display at Etsy MIC 2016

It was a good opportunity for me to test out some new products - I got a lot of great feedback, and feel a little less lost in determining products for the One of a Kind show.

The week so far has been spent clearing the studio up, and getting ready for the next (biggest) season of it all- Christmas, and the Christmas One of a Kind Show.

I'm going to be participating in it for the last 6 days of the show, from November 29th until December 4th. I'm really excited to see it all come together, and trying to be as planful as possible now to prepare for it. There is SOMUCH to be done! (Incase there are any folks looking for fun things to do in November, I am accepting any and all volunteers to help with packaging and inventory. :) I will gladly pay you in food and hugs)

Along with this prep of new products and inventory, I'm going to do a re-vamp of my Etsy shop, take new product pictures, keep things consistent.  Stay tuned for that- coming SOON!! Here's a sneak peek at some new products that made it to the show, and soon to come online:

Have a good week all. It's a busy one, but let's take it one day at a time, shall we?