Show Prep: How to stay clutter free?

What a whirlwind week! It's hard to believe it's well into the month of March and daylight savings time begins in Canada within the week. We have had decent snowfalls recently, which I have kind of loved (because I don't drive in the snow). Taking  a walk in the city on a snowy evening is beautiful- there is usually a quarter of the typical traffic and the sky seems lit up, even in the dead of night.

Most of my time these days has been prepping for my first big show. One of my biggest challenges this week has been keeping my studio space organized and clean. My daily tasks have been varied- cutting paper, printing, custom calligraphy work. I've been trying to clear up before starting a new task, but that's been happening about 60% of the time. :) More often than not, I start with a clean space and as the day/week goes on I'm working on a smallerandsmaller section of my desk (or on the couch) as the space gets filled up with recently used supplies, paper, and work drying. It's once things start falling off the desk that I relent to putting things away and cleaning up. Good strategy right? I feel like I'm tempting fate and one of these days I'm going to have an ink-on-everything episode. Sigh.

Anyway, not much else to report on, but here are some new products coming to the One of a Kind Show and my Etsy shop. I'll have it up online within the next two weeks.


This week is going to have more printing, writing out of calligraphy quotes, paper cutting and packaging! Oh, and ofcourse changing my display for the millionth time. Speaking of clutter, a mock display is setup on my dining table- I'm slowly spreading the chaos through the whole apartment.... :)

If you haven't seen it yet, use this link to access a discounted ticket to the One of a Kind Show. And come visit me I'm at P48R in the Etsy section!

Have a great week!