DIY Workshop at OOAK!

This week's update is going to be a short one as I continue to print, strategize, research, and try to keep the nerves at bay! 

I'm soexcited to be hosting a DIY workshop at the One of a Kind show on Thursday March 24 at 11am! Since it only runs for an hour, it's going to be a VERY basic calligraphy lesson (learning about nibs, pen holders, angles and basic strokes) followed by instructions to make a little postcard with watercolour + calligraphy. Playing with watercolour is always so fun, and I will be providing attendees with some introductory calligraphy handouts- for hours of calligraphy fun at home :)

The workshop is first come first serve with signup starting at 10am, and only 25 spots available! If you're interested in the class, try to make it in early to sign up!

I've also got a giveaway happening on my Instagram account- check it out and enter for a chance to win two free passes to the One of a Kind show! All you have to do is like and tag a friend to enter! Contest closes on Friday, March 6th.

This week I've printed and written out a couple of new products. Here's a first look at some of the products!!  Really excited about these pretty black and gold cards, hope you like them too! Going to be spending the rest of the week between my home studio and Open Studio, with many more printing days ahead. I love printing, so trying to focus on that instead of the looming deadlines!!

Have a wonderful week!