Staying focused (& the occasional dream)

My mind has been consumed with the products and display for the One of a Kind Spring Show. It's hard to have my brain on two things at once; I always forget to take process pictures when I'm working on something!! So, I don't have much to share about my new products (yet)! I also haven't been too active on social media these days, except for the posts on the #WeBeTest challenge (that was started with a member of the Toronto Etsy Street Team). Even this has been difficult to manage over the past couple of days. 

I've created a lot of new stuff in the past week, but haven't taken a lot of product pictures (that will be coming sosoon!!). I'm finalizing and printing my linocuts and cards, and working on some handwritten calligraphy pieces that I will have at the show. 

I did receive some pictures from some wonderful brides of my work in action! Both weddings were so fun to do, and allowed me to create some different styles, explore watercolour, gouache. It was a great experience and they were the nicest to work with. Yay for amazing clients!


This week is all about staying focused on all the little and big to dos. I'm looking forward to it. I've been dreaming that this company I've created would be a wonderful career, if I can make it work. I don't want it to 'explode', but stay a little company that will allow me to hack out a living. This article kind of says it all. More on this topic later. For now, focus!

Have a great one!